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What we do

The sharing group

The sharing group “Cerchio degli Uomini” meets every week  starting from  experiences and  emotional livings of the presents.
The subjects generally deal with the “male”: fathers, paternity, sons; relations with women, wives, partners, lovers, daugthers; the values, job and social fields, the power and how to handle it; assertiveness,  aggressiveness, abuse, violence, authoritarianism and authoritativeness;  relationship among men, friendship, competition, confidence, support,  our fears and frailty;  gaiety,  light-heartedness,  laugh, joy,  passions....

What we do is much practice, less theory... We laugh, smile.  Sometimes we suffer. In conclusion we communicate: energy runs,  synergy starts leading to the growth of everyone  and of the group.

We have some rules: speaking in person – trying to espress feelings and emotions – if rage exists, let express it if possible in an assertive way- trying to avoid intellectualisms – short moments of silence – discretion on what is said (important)

We meet any Wednesday night, generally eight or twelve of us, at someone of us home

The Second Sharing Group

Every two weeks, the first and third Thursday of  every month , a second sharing group meets. It’s a group still “ open”, so those interested  to be present may join us the first Thursday of each  month just to “see” what’s going on.

Monthly meeting “open”

We have settled a monthly meeting, open to all the men, with the same characteristics of the sharing group
This meeting is going to be held in Turin, via Cecchi 17 – Cecchi Point- the first Thursday of each month. ( if not holiday )
The meeting program is published on  La Stampa TO 7

Fathers meet fathers
We started some groups of men off on the themes “beeing fathers”. We are planning to encourage the birth of other similar groups.

Meetings  with  women

The meetings with women have been,  and will be,  basic moments in our research paths, above all to discover a new way to refer to  and to interact with the other sex  getting  a changment really based on a true “interchange” no more corrupted    by power and abuse.
We firmly believe in the true richness that can start  from persons really free and conscious, either for what relationship” man – woman”  is concerned or any other relationship.

Intergenerations meetings

We started to meet young people beetwen 17 and 25 years of age through moments of play, culture and sharing

Cooperations with the Associations.

We have cooperated with other associations:  “La Cicogna”, “Maschile Plurale”, “Uomini in Cammino”, “Agape” and we are getting in touch with some more  to identify similar paths


We have staged a show , half-seriously half-jokingly,  whose title is “ Con-divisione”: seven years of sharing among  men in a  50 minutes theatre performance.


We organize parties because we like it.

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    Partendo da alcune tematiche ricorrenti nelle nostre condivisioni di gruppo, abbiamo allestito e rappresentato in occasione di convegni e ricorrenze, alcuni spettacoli teatrali  che hanno avuto un buon riscontro di  pubblico e ne hanno stimolato il  dibattito.

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