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Who are we



Il Cerchio degli Uomini saw its spontaneous birth in 1998  in a group of men who began to meet in order to share experiences taken from real life and personal emotions on subjects connected with the “male”question, hence the meaning of being men today with a patriarchy strongly in crisis, if not in extinction, and the deep social changements on going

The sharing mainly concerned  subjects such as fathers and paternity, being sons, relations with women, social relatioship, the knowledge of oneself, body and emotions, the relationship between ourselves, the  men; sexual orientation, how we communicate, assertiveness,  aggressiveness, violence, wars and genocides...

This path representing both personal and group growths, gave rise to the wish to bring our experience outside as a contribution  to the “male” success in armony with those values of  constructiveness, consciousness, generosity, creativity, solidarity..., we believe as ingrained in human nature and building the intimate structure of the “male”.

We also deeply explored the shadow following us  to penetrate the” male”mistery.  Finds of violence, abuse, exasperate competition, fear and frailty came to light. Together we guessed different ways of changement and personal research. Often we had to work on power undeceiption, on omnipotence delirium, on narcissism.

Why among men?

The type specificity needs its “own” moment to get aware of its weakness and strenght, to accept, have a success and become indipendent;  to be able to relate with the other sex as well as with “the others” in general without patology, free from prejudice.
It’s important to clarify prejudices and the mechanism of projections we often use to see in the others what we don’t like to see in ourselves.
That’s worth for any kind of difference and can be extended to all cultural, ethnic and religious relationship.

In Dec 2004 we started the Association Cerchio degli Uomini having the purpose to become  an  interlocutor between  Institutions and social realities.
We have used, and are going to use, sharing groups and seminars, interventions with    hardshipped men (caused or suffered violence), fathers and sons relationship, emotional relations as husbands, partners and lovers, relations in the working and social spheres..
We  make use of our seven- year experience of sharing, supported by personal experiences ranging from Gestalt psychology to the theatre, from psycodrama to transitional analysis, from Zen meditation  to techniques  tied up with movement and body analysis...............
Everything bound by a continuos research of an empathic communication.

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